— 2017 Practicum Descriptions

Chloë Bass

will be making analog books as practice for making a digital film, working between the Center for Book Arts, Triangle Arts Association, and her home.

This summer I’ll be focusing on wrapping up The Book of Everyday Instruction, my eight-chapter project about one-on-one social interaction. I will be completing aspects of chapters seven and eight, and racing against time to put together materials for the book representing the entire project that’s due to appear in December 2017. I will be working out of three spaces: The Center for Book Arts, Triangle Arts Association, and my home. I am looking for someone who is comfortable focusing between changing environments, has a clean and clear design-mind (with experience in Adobe softwares), and interest in some number of the following things: poetics, glass, scale issues, and the results of participation. I am hoping to offer my mentee any writing support they may need, ways of thinking through a career in the arts that’s best for them and their work, and, if things go well, introductions and adventures.

Taeyoon Choi

will be working on a participatory performance, interactive installation and pedagogy project that challenges the notion of normalcy and disability.

I’m looking for someone with exceptional writing and editing skills, warm heart for community engagement and a fearless attitude to learn new technology. The School for Poetic Computation(SFPC), which I co-founded in 2013, is a hybrid school, residency and research group. I will be working on the curriculum SFPC as well as installations for an exhibition. By helping with planning, documenting and producing workshops, interactive art works and performances, you will interact with other artists, engineers, curators as well as local youth and students. You will be working in and out of my studio in Downtown Brooklyn. It would be great if you have experience with computer programming (JavaScript) and electronics (Arduino/Raspberry Pi), digital design and video editing (Adobe softwares). However, I value your dedication to the art and to community more than the technical skills and I can also help you get started on learning the techniques. You will also work with my collaborators at the Dark Matter studio, inclduing Tega Brain and Surya Mattu.

Brendan Fernandes

will be working on a solo-presentation in collaboration with Recess. Working at the intersection of dance and visual art, Brendan’s works foster safe space for open, and queer dialogues in challenging political times.

I’m hoping my mentee can collaborate and assist me in this project. The project is not fully defined as yet but will use the space of recess during the summer months to think through ideas that touch on current social and political times right now. It will use dance and performance as a tool. Through the intersection of dance and visual arts I’m hoping to create a “Queer” space, a safe space where the dance floor might become a platform for agency, support as well as a device to thinking critically from. The work will culminate in an on going performances that will be created, rehearsed and performed in the space, as well as talks, lectures and other happenings!

I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist who engages in a process-based practice. Beginning with research investigations, my work has manifested into various forms, including sculptural installations, neon, film, video, animation, sound, photography, endurance-based performance and dance. In recent work, I am returning to my past life as a dancer. As a former dancer who studied ballet and modern dance techniques, and who had to leave the dance world due to injury, I have begun to explore choreography as an experiential phenomenon. I investigate how movement techniques are recalled in the body via muscle memory and explore this phenomenon through cultural dance, ballet, and the languages that prescribe directions for dance movement. I look at movement through the “labouring body” and “queering” as it relates to physicality and the construction of gender roles. In doing so, I continue to engage with the transitional nature of identity, while now exploring how this is enacted and experienced on the level of embodiment.

Together we will foster a working relationship where I am happy to offer critiques on your ideas and works in-progress. I am excited to have you participate with me in social events, where we will explore New York’s summer art scene as well.

Doreen Garner

is performing surgery on a silicone cast of a monumental statue of Dr. J. Marion Sims.

This summer is going to be a messy one. I generally work with silicone, epoxy putty stuffing and other strange materials. The silicon I employ in my sculptures is typically used to manufacture human prosthetics, baby/dog chew toys, and sex apperati. By relocating the material from its normal context to my body of work, viewers become enticed to interact with my sculptures in the ways in which they are used to activating the silicone in its formal function. I consider myself an artist and surgeon combined. Whether penetrating flesh with a speculum, scalpel, finger, penis, or sword, there is a moment where any if not all three intentions can intersect, violent, sexual, or curious. During your internship, we will be creating work to be exhibited in a 2 person show this fall at Pioneerworks called “White Man On A Pedestal”. Activities may include cutting up sheets of silicone into “fat cells”, painting silicone skin, body casts, grabbing supplies and keeping me updated on celebrity gossip.

This will be a great fit if you are experienced in:

  • Mixing smooth on products or 1:1 materials
  • Sculpting clay or putty
  • Painting (realism) and or cosmetics
  • Keeping a studio clean during chaos
  • Basic construction
  • Not being squeamish

Heather Hart

will be working to complete two scheduled solo shows, a collaborative project, Black Lunch Table and always working in studio on drawings.

This summer I will be completing a public programming plan for a solo project at Storm King upstate, a solo project for the Kohler Foundation in Wisconsin and a yet-to-be-contracted solo public piece in Brooklyn. My practice centers around the exploration of liminal space through public sculpture and the activation of such pieces. I am also one half of a collaboration called Black Lunch Table that is creating an online archive of oral histories including those records of visual artists of the African Diaspora to fill gaps in art historical records. I maintain a studio practice that centers around drawing, printmaking and computer work. You would likely be involved in all of these to some degree.

I need someone who is detail oriented/quick learn and has experience in or is willing to learn: Google Sketchup, Adobe Design suite, Google docs (sheets and docs), etching press/multimedia printmaking and doing research. My fantasy is to find someone who doesn’t mind also helping with admin stuff and might be smarter than I.

I likely would want to include you in my local work on-site (travel to Storm King etc). My personal studio is humble but I share a building with three other artists who you’d meet along with my normal network of art world people and likely a few days at the print center. I’m happy to include you on outings to openings or meetings with artists and curators etc.

Pablo Helguera

will be researching and producing a number of exhibitions and performance projects taking place in Mexico City, California and Europe.

Preferred interests and skills include: interest in socially engaged art, good at copy-editing and research. good organizational skills, Spanish-speakers is a big plus (as many of these projects take place in Latin America), and knowledge of how to edit video a big plus.

Marisa Morán Jahn

will be slipping experimental art into commercially pirated Ugandan DVDs (Video Slink Uganda), creating film, prints, and outreach tools to amplify the voices of America’s caregivers (CareForce), and working on a public art and literacy project developed with a community in Honduras (Bibliobandido).

I am looking for a mentee who ideally possess some of the following skills: bilingual English/Spanish, woodworking/carpentry, sewing, fabrication, animatronic/electronics, photography, video production, video editing, audio editing, other misc crafts! I am best paired with those who understand that the shifting nature of collaborative work means that sometimes what we’re making shifts mid-way. It’s like an adventure where you start off with a destination and sometimes end up in a different one! I am working on three projects that have ongoing events and exhibitions (see below); I need help with production, logistics, and generally work very collaboratively. Typically, what mentees say they get out of the experience is a bigger picture of the logistics of working on large projects, projects with multiple collaborators, fundraising, and fun with hands-on tasks. The CareForce is a public art project, web series (Sundance), and mobile studio (the CareForce One), amplifying the voices of America’s fastest growing workforce —caregivers. Jahn’s coloring book page was created as one of several outreach tools she designed to invite careworkers and care-receivers to proudly identify their role and help shift how Americans value care.

Video Slink Uganda is a project that involves slipping (“ slinking” ) experimental art into commercially pirated DVDs that circulate throughout Uganda’s bootleg cinemas. Bibliobandido is a public art and literacy project that centers around a masked bandit who eats stories and terrorizes little kids until they offer him stories they’ve written.

Simone Leigh

Simone Leigh will be working in a sculpture studio to manufacture objects for a large-scale installation.

Mary Mattingly

is working on public food policy and transforming military equipment this summer.

I’m seeking a mentee who would like to take on two projects with me this summer. We will focus on the policy surrounding Swale, a floating food forest that launched last summer. Simultaneously, we will repurpose military equipment. We will focus on public presentations, design charrettes, hands-on building, and workshop facilitation. My ideal mentee would be able to start early-June and work with me through early-August in New York. In exchange for working with me this summer, I will work with you on developing your work, share my working process, experiences with different forms of collaboration, roadmaps for permitting and creating large-scale projects, and introduce you to many of the other artists and collaborators I work with.

William Powhida

will be working on developing ideas for future exhibitions, including a planning a 2018 retrospective, and making political drawings in the studio that may require research and fact-checking.

Kenya (Robinson)

is preparing a memorial service for the #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET.

Dear Everybody (but especially You),

Here’s the deal: “Artist” is just a more marketable term for what I really do.

I am essentially a maker.   I often make people uncomfortable with my brash delivery.  I make mischief.  I make a place for myself and others at the table.  I make recordings. I make manifestos under the guise of email exchanges.  I write.  I challenge whiteness, blackness, sexuality, nationality, gender, otherness… to witness the best aspects of humanity.  As you might imagine, these efforts are rewarded with under/unemployment, lack of health care, fiscal instability, and a good finger-wagging talking to from members of privileged classes.  Fortunately this puts  me in a position of freedom – I don’t  pay rent, if I’m sick – I won’t know it until it’s too late,  and people in positions of power find it difficult to scare me.  And that scares them.

Despite the literal and metaphorical advertisements of oppressed gender(s), race (as non-whiteness) and a minute middle class, I mostly do what I want.  And, what I currently want includes a live stream radio show, a fully functional eCommerce site, that’s a disguise for my varied art practice, Karaoke UNIVERSAL, teaching, and making funerary objects for the #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET.   I truly believe I’m the shit, which means I am in collaboration with some pretty incredible people (think: MacArthur Fellows, New York Times photographers, bad ass artists, Smithsonian museum curators, critically acclaimed authors, renowned academics, et. al), and even though I’m an only child, I love to share.  If you want a piece of the action, just know I don’t shut off my intensity for anyone.  A bunch of “nice and polite and appropriate” left when my mama died in 2011. But I was raised with integrity; I have a work ethic that is nearly invulnerable to the challenges of racism, sexism, and classism.  True life — I cry, I complain over a glass (ahem, bottle) of wine, and then, with the tremendous support of my friends and family, I get back on that damn horse, and this time it’s with a megaphone.  Or I break in through the back door.  Or whatevers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, what do I want from you? I want you help me slip cast 10,000 of the #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET for an exhibition I am in at Pioneer works, opening on November 10th.  I want you to manage some email correspondence (10 sentences or less – I’ll teach you).  I want to you help me transport and develop materials for my performance at The Highline this summer.  I want you to help me archive my practice from 2008 – the present.  I want you to come with me to meetings and take notes.  I want you to be punctual. I want you to be fully present, I want excellence.  I want you treat our time to together as a worthwhile commitment. I want to introduce you to people who can support your creative endeavors and I want you to follow up with them in a timely fashion. I want you to collect audio material; I want you to help me build an interactive mural for the NU Hotel.  I want you to sing karaoke with me and my friends on occasion, hashtag, research.  I want you to speak social-media-internet without an accent, and help me produce graphic design for packaging, print, and web.  I want you leave from this summer in New York, more confident than when you arrived.

It’s a lot.  A whole helluva a lot.  But I’m already doing this on my own, so I know you can do it.  You’re young and I turn 40 this summer.  Play time is over.  Fight the –ism.

All my best,

Kenya (Robinson)

Dannielle Tegeder

will be working on a series of new projects involving painting, poetry, and installation.

Brad Troemel

will be doing research and experimenting.

Penelope Umbrico

will be developing work for upcoming exhibitions, casting objects, 3D printing, polishing glass, screen printing, painting, material scavenging, and finalizing some book projects.

I will be developing work for upcoming exhibitions, exploring some new projects, editing some videos, and finalizing some book projects. There may also be some casting and 3D printing going on, as well as screen printing, glass polishing, painting, and material scavenging. I need someone who knows Adobe CC (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premier, Aftereffects), Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, web design. Archiving, data entry and file organizing might also be a part of the summer. My house is my studio, there’s a garden and I sometimes cook.

Clement Valla

will be working with photographic technologies, from 3D scans and cyanotypes to alternate photographic technologies from the 1850s.

I’m looking for help with one of three projects: the early stages of a project involving large cyanotype prints and wooden sculptures; finishing a project based on 3d scans and photographically unwrapping objects (take a look at my work for what this might look like); and an art-historical research project in collaboration with another artist and a writer about alternate photographic technologies from the 1850s until now, culminating in an article, perhaps a book and/or a show.