Academic Credit

Academic Credit through your home institution

You earn credit through your home institution, either through existing internship courses , independent studies, or through the transfer process. In all cases, good communication and early planning will ensure the best result.

Internship Courses:

Many schools have existing internship courses, for which you can get credit for your apprenticeship with your mentor. In some cases these are offered for formal academic credit, and in other cases, they are required for graduation. In the New York Arts Practicum you will spend between 140 and 210 hours working with your mentor. Please speak to your academic advisor at your home campus to see if there is an internship course in your program.

Independent Studies / Transfer Credits

To get credit for the work done in the Critique/Seminar and Arts of New York City, approach your academic advisor at your home campus to register for an independent study at your home campus or to find out how to transfer the credits back to your home campus. Critique/Seminar meets for 32 contact hours and Arts of New York City meets for around 48, with an additional 20 hours of optional meetings. New York Arts Practicum is not accredited, but in many cases, credits can be transferred for the work done.

Start Early

Each institution handles these processes differently; it is important to know that credit is not guaranteed, but working ahead of time leads to best results. New York Arts Practicum advocates for you in this process, though it is important to understand that the responsibility is ultimately yours. Your academic adviser or mentor at your home institution is your best advocate. Students wishing to earn academic credit through their home institution should to contact us early on in the process for best results