Art In General And Visit with Letha Wilson

On June 25, the New York Arts Practicum met at Art in General with curators Courtney Finn and Jonathan Rider, and artist Letha Wilson, to view Landmarks and Monuments.
Wilson, whose work was on display for the month of June at the non-profit gallery, walked the Tuesday cohort through the exhibition describing her interests in material and image. Before the walkthrough, however, curators Finn and Ride spoke on the history of Art and General and their roles at the space. This short introduction the gallery provided insight into the workings of a non-profit gallery in SoHo for the cohort. They graciously invited the cohorts to apply to the open-call entry that gallery has maintained since opening in 1981.

Wilson then invited the Practicum to walk through her exhibition. The artist spoke of her processes and interests when making work. Wilson described her need to visit her home state of Colorado, and her hikes and photographic ventures in the Colorado wilderness. This practice — walking and documenting — influences the artist’s interest in concrete casting.