Andrea Champlin


The interior of  Andrea Champlin’s studio in Queens is permeated with cut-up faces, juxtaposed textures, and a constant exploratory attitude that resonates throughout her work. Taking images and inspiration from photographs, the internet, and magazines, she begins to totally distort them to form her own personal language. When we moved on from discussing her work towards critique of the NYAP participants, she was able to provide us with insight into artists that we may take inspiration from and give advice on how to improve our conceptual ideas.

Champlin gave the cohorts insight to how our work relates to other prominent artists, and how to go about strengthening their ideas and work for their final two weeks of the program. The participants truly appreciated their one-on-one with someone who is already established and has quality work behind them. Champlin’s constantly experimental energy and critique during the visit proved to be a significant source of inspiration for them.