Friday Visit: Sherry Millner and Ernest Larsen

For the first Friday session of 2013, the Practicum met with Sherry Millner and Ernest Larsen to learn of their filmmaking practice. The couple — who are ardent anarchists and have been honing their craft for 40 years — invited the Practicum into their home/studio.

Collaboratively merging politics with cultural analysis, interest and humour, Millner and Larsen spent the visit speaking of the softening of radical politics in the current cultural climate. They related their experiences of the Left, as Americans, during the Vietnam War, and attributed the weakening of current Leftist politics to the immersive rise of globalization and late capitalism. For the duration of the visit, Millner graciously shared an unfinished film on the current economic crisis in Greece. The film, which has been shown a handful of times, is a wondering foray into the resistance of anarchists in Greece and its possible relationship to both Old and New Left struggles during the past 150 years.

Both Millner and Larsen welcomed the Practicum into their home, continually wanting to engage in political and artistic discourse. For the filmmakers, this is life and resistance.