2012 Practicum Descriptions

Sara Greenberger Rafferty

is looking for an intern to collaborate on a video project
I am producing a television show. This summer I have planned production and post production of video content in the personal production vein of a video podcast, but using sets and a three camera sitcom-like set up. An interest in experimenting with the aesthetics of television & computers and producing live-for-the-web show content is required. Additional aspects for participation: development of website for distribution, research for production, video editing. Knowledge of DSLR for video a plus.

Jen Liu

is preparing for a solo show & performance in Copenhagen
I will be producing videos, sculptures, and drawings on paper and photographs, for an upcoming solo exhibition and related performance set to open in two galleries in Copenhagen in mid-August.  This body of work is a proposal for a new banking system for a shit-worshiping back-to-the-land society.  The Practicum will extend through an intense period of production on all fronts in June and July, culminating during the first week of August.  An interest in stop-motion animation and video production, and/or macramé weaving, would be ideal, but there will be many more production tasks than these alone.  However, what I seek most of all is someone with a vested interest in the topic at hand: the possibility of psychological reorganization as the key to social change.  The question is: can we change our ways of thinking deeply enough to save ourselves, and with this motivation in mind, are new “images” of the present and future possible?

David Horvitz

is doing a lot of things and needs help
This summer I will be mostly preparing for two exhibitions in the fall (one in New York and one in Latvia). The exhibitions will be new works (so new that they haven’t even been started on as this is being written). I will also be working on various new artist-books (new book of polaroids, a history of theft, a collection of stock images of depressed people), and a new multi-artist project. (e.g. this and this)  The ideal person is someone who is organized and can assist on not just one of the projects, but different ones simultaneously. You do not need to have expertise/technical skills. Basic photoshop and web page building knowledge is fine. Indesign skills are a plus. Programming skills are not necessary, but can be put to use! A major need is for you to be good at email communicating, that you are organized, that you can do independent research, and that you can and want to learn things you don’t know. Depending on the stages I am at in the projects, some activities may include local travel and help shooting photographs.

Eva and Franco Mattes

are working on a secret project
We can’t tell you about what we are working on, but take a look at our past work for an idea of what it might be (and why we can’t talk about what it is here!) Concerning tech skills/experiences we are looking someone who knows basic video editing, has knowledge of social networks, a general interest in Internet memes, and lots of friends. We will be at SITE Santa Fe for all of July, so our Practicum will start at the beginning of June (or earlier if interested), and run through August 17th, with a break for July.

Mark Tribe

is doing pre-production for a video with Sony Portapaks
Mark Tribe is looking for someone to help with pre-production for Forty More Years, a video that will document the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida with Sony Portapaks. Forty More Years is a reprise of TVTV’s Four More Years, an independently produced video documenting the 1972 RNC in Miami Florida with then cutting edge Portapaks. Mark is looking will be working on social media outreach and pre-production: logistics, planning a shooting schedule, preparing the equipment, and organizing the crew of media activists.

Caroline Woolard

is looking for a collaborator, not an intern
My ideal collaborator is someone who’s interested in producing online content about barter/gift/non-monetary exchange and has experience designing and producing high-quality online media: info-graphics, animations, videos, and/or websites; these include a website for the publication we are making about Art and Real Estate, a publication for Trade School and a publication about the “incommensurate exchange” project that is the focus of my Eyebeam Fellowship. This person will shape the form and content of the project we make together, and will be credited as a collaborator. If a collaboration is impossible, I am willing to barter transparency about my lifestyle and practice in exchange for help and technical support on my projects. I can offer access to my financial history, introductions to my contacts, failed and successful grant/residency applications, and direct experience with group-work and collective decision making in exchange for graphic design and development. I will not be available June 20 – July 8th, so my Practicum will run June 1-19, and July 9th through July 21st.

Ricardo Miranda Zuniga

is preparing an installation for the New York Hall of Science
A part of the exhibition “Regeneration” in fall 2012 ‚ “a geography of being / una geografia de ser‚” is a three-part art project that reflects upon the dynamics of the undocumented immigrant population in the United States, specifically in relation to undocumented youth.  The installation consists of the following elements: small kinetic sculptures with animated displays titled‚ “Undocumented Drones‚” and a video game titled “Sanctuary City” that places the player in the role of an undocumented youth. Separately, a graphic zine represents the challenges and options presented in the video game.

For the installation, I am building a JavaScript game engine, carving wooden figures and programming Arduino Fios with XBee communication. I would happily work with programmers and makers as well as someone who is comfortable behind the video camera capturing & editing documentation. For programming, expertise in Java and wireless protocols to establish mesh networks would be ideal. I will also happily collaborate with a sound designer or someone who is comfortable with social media as I will need integration of the video game with several apis.