2014 Practicum Descriptions

Pablo Helguera

is preparing performances, exhibitions, and a public art commission.
Pablo Helguera is looking for a mentee interested in socially engaged art, to do research and production work for a variety of projects. These include work for a performance at Site Santa Fe in New Mexico in July 2014, the west coast itinerancy of the project Librería Donceles (a non-profit used spanish bookstore and activity center), production work for a public art commission for the Far Rockaway Library in Queens, and work for a major performance and exhibition in the Fall of 2014. Ideal this mentee has a Graphic design background, administrative chops, and research experience; knowledge of Spanish a plus.

Marisa Jahn

is touring a NannyVan around the country.
I am working on a public art project called “The NannyVan”, a bright orange mobile design lab and sound studio that “accelerates the movement for domestic workers’ rights nationwide.” With its pull-out table, colorful design, and acoustic recording booth, the NannyVan convenes domestic workers workers and employers alike to produce and provide new fair care tools. The NannyVan will be traveling around the East Coast in June, July, and Aug. I am looking for mentees interested in the intersection of activism and socially engaged art to work with us in coordinating on-the-ground logistics who can plug in for short spurts of time. http://www.nannyvan.org/

Steve Lambert

will be relaunching Add-Art, making a book, a movie, and a giant, public game show.
Steve Lambert is based in Beacon, which is not in New York City. It’s better. It’s about 1h15m north on the most beautiful and relaxing MetroNorth line. He will help offset the travel costs and some weekends are possible. You may learn about creating objects for a gallery, designing and building public art works, working with organizations and people, and ways of using technology and working efficiently you didn’t know were possible. The ideal mentee is resourceful, independent, and organized to the point people think it is a little odd. Please have skills in administration or editing video or programming or fabrication/woodworking or a combination of these things.

Simone Leigh

will be making sculpture, video and the Free People’s Medical Clinic, a project supported by Creative Time.
The mentee will assist in the production of sculpture, video and other works on-going in my studio especially the Free People’s Medical Clinic, a short term installation in a Brooklyn mansion bringing a variety of health services to the public.

Jen Liu

wants to talk about the Chinese Revolution.
I’m seeking a mentee interested in art video production, someone who’d like to participate in all aspects of my revamp of The Red Detachment of Women (1961-), one of the sanctioned theater pieces of Revolutionary China. Here’s some of the key ideas we’ll deal with in conversation and in practice: non-Western models of Feminism; propaganda as a power mechanism in image, language, and music; and the products of collective culture interpreted post-facto by an atomized present. Skills I’m looking for: a general knowledge of contemporary video art, shooting and editing skills, online content production, and general organizational capacities to bolster my partial abilities. My Practicum will run from June 15 – Aug 15, and the result of our work together will be presented in London in the Fall.

Eva and Franco Mattes

are working on a secret project.
We can’t tell you about what we are working on, but take a look at our past work for an idea of what it might be. Skills and experiences that may be helpful include: basic video editing, Photoshop, knowledge of social networks and passion for Internet memes. Last time we made a secret project with the New York Arts Practicum it was this: http://0100101110101101.org/home/emily/ and it was named after our mentee, Emily Martinez. We would like to start early, around May 15 and work through June. For the rest of the program duration, we would be working with you remotely via Skype and email.

Mary Mattingly

is making a floating public space and ecosystem.
An ideal mentee would like to explore cooperative living and interdependent living systems, and is familiar with layout design or 3D design. We will be completing a barge-based ecosystem, group living space, and public space in Philadelphia called WetLand. It will consist of subsistence gardens, local energy production, rain and river water purification, and a large architectural folly. Working together this summer would entail close collaboration in the planning, designing, and execution of WetLand. We will simultaneously work on two publications including one for the WetLand project and the other of an extensive photo archive. My practicum will run from June to Mid July, with occasional weekends spent working in Philadelphia during Mid July and August.

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

want to make a project with lasers.
As for skills and experiences, we need someone who is interested in helping with a kind of Make Magazine project. They should have experience drawing, and maybe 2D animation. An interest in American History would also be a plus. We will be at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, CA in late June, so ideally someone would come a little early and start before we leave June 16th, and be around through mid to late August.

Sara Greenberger Rafferty

is working on new work for a show in Fall 2014 alongside publishing and archiving projects.
I’m looking for a nice, helpful, enthusiastic, and nerdy helper to do research, organize papers (digital and physical), and generally help get stuff in order. At the same time, this person will help with various elements in preparation for a gallery exhibition and companion publications for Fall 2014.

Brad Troemel

will be Jogging and keeping shop on Etsy.
Brad Troemel continues to produce, catalog, document, and ship items from his Etsy store. Additionally, Troemel maintains Jogging, and will be implementing and installing upcoming Jogging-related events and exhibitions. The ideal mentee is proficient at Photoshop and has a background in photography and/or graphic design. This is a three month practicum.

Penelope Umbrico

will be working on two books, three shows, a couple of web projects, and updating a neglected website.

Letha Wilson

will be pouring concrete this summer, come and join her.
This summer I will be working on new works for a solo show in the fall in NYC. I’m looking for an apprentice who is interested in hands-on experience making work in the studio, along with participating in the daily tasks and chores involved in a working artist studio. In exchange for your time, positive attitude, and help with tasks ranging from mixing concrete to wrapping artwork, organizational duties, research, and running errands, I will offer you my advice, experience, and will be happy to answer any questions and discuss your own artistic practice. Skills that may be helpful include knowledge of Photoshop and basic Mac aptitude, the willingness to get your hands dirty, and photography and /or sculptural background, although none of these are mandatory. I will be traveling a few different weeks this summer, so the apprenticeship will run from June 1 through mid/late August.

Andrew Norman Wilson

will work with airports, dogs, plastic, financial capital, and the wide world of contemporary labor.
I would like to learn from you and hope that you will learn from me. We will work with collaborator Artie Vierkant for a show in New York that includes sculpture, video, and design. We will work with collaborator Aily Nash on both the next iteration of our exhibition Image Employment (location TBD), which debuted at MoMA PS1 last fall, and the book that will include essays and interviews with artists in the show. We will work on either my startup Stock Fantasy Ventures (going to entrepreneurial happy hours, producing video, and coordinating with fabricators) or a project on the “neoliberalization” of the Chow Chow breed (visiting Chow Chow breeders) for a show in London. We will melt plastic around a variety of objects. I am open to adapting my working relationship to you based on your skills and interests. The work I am doing requires research: the ability to find information and resources quickly. We will be working extensively with Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator) and professional grade video production. Overall, being detail oriented is important. I would also appreciate it if you could question my bad ideas and idiosyncrasies. I will be around for most of the full practicum schedule and hope that you will too.

Pat Finley: [to Gerry] Are you ready for the best damn summer of your life? (Heavy Weights, 1995)