2017 Schedule

Week 1

Monday, June 5th
Whitney Biennial with Park McArthur
Site Visit, Penelope Umbrico
Picnic Dinner

Tuesday, June 6th
Pecha Kucha / Orientation

Wednesday, June 7th
Tuition Work Exchange / Orientation

Friday, June 9th
Studio visit with Sherry Millner & Ernest Larsen
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Week 2

Monday, June 12th
Seminar, Clement Valla

Tuesday, June 13th
Seminar, Heather Hart

Friday, June 16th
LES galleries

Week 3

Monday, June 19th
Group Crit with Pablo Helguera

Tuesday, June 20th
Group Crit with Marisa Jahn

Thursday, June 22nd
MoMA Wiki Loves Pride Edit-a-thon

Friday, June 23rd
Site Visit, Christopher Willauer
Chelsea galleries

Week 4

Monday, June 26th
Seminar, Kenya (Robinson)

Tuesday, June 27th
Seminar, Doreen Garner

Friday, June 30th
Harlem Galleries
Studio Museum Harlem

Week 5

Thursday, July 6th
Group Crit, Chloƫ Bass

Friday, July 7th
Group Crit, Caroline Woolard

Saturday, July 8th
NYAP + Artsy + Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Week 6

Monday, July 10th
Seminar, Brad Troemel

Tuesday, July 11th
Seminar, Taeyoon Choi

Friday, July 14th
Guggenheim Museum with Anna Harsanyi

For Weeks 7 and 8, we held individual 45-minute critiques. Visitors for these sessions were: Bill Powhida, Simone Leigh, Jacqueline Mabey, and Dannielle Tegeder.

Week 7

Monday, July 17th: Individual Crits
Tuesday, July 18th: Individual Crits
Wednesday, July 19th: Individual Crits

Friday, July 21st
Socrates Sculpture Park with Amy Ritter and Devra Freelander
Recess with Brendan Fernandes

Week 8

Monday, July 24th: Individual Crits
Tuesday, July 25th: Individual Crits
Wednesday, July 26th: Individual Crits

Friday, July 28th
Final Critique and Picnic Dinner