Three great visits with Jill Magid, Mark Tribe, and Brody Condon

Three great visits in two days to Jill Magid, Mark Tribe and Brody Condon’s studios.

Jill Magid told us the incredible story of her research trip to Texas where she happened to witness a capitol hill shooting. She showed us the model for her show that is up currently at Yvon Lambert in Paris, which is based off of police video and 911 audio tapes of another shooting in Texas.

Mark Tribe talked to the participants about how he came to be an artist, the difference between running an organization and making art, and his projects of the last few years.

Brody Condon gave the participants the opportunity to ask him any question they wanted. Faced with that total freedom/control, the participants were a bit like deer in the headlights. After a good long silence, Brody launched into a presentation of the mechanics of making projects, passing around the production binder for his most recent project. And then we sat and watched the full, gorgeous video itself.

Jill Magid talks to New York Arts Practicum

Mark Tribe talks to New York Arts Practicum

Brody Condon answers questions with New York Arts Practicum