Practicum Descriptions

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2018 Practicum Descriptions

Full descriptions will be posted in February 2018.

Chloë Bass will be studying scales of human intimacy, working on an experimental documentary, trying to set up an organized archive, and thinking about glass.

Doreen Garner will be recreating body parts in silicone in the studio; the silicone skins may take the form of impenetrable sex toys.

Pablo Helguera will be working in the studio on a new project at the intersection of art, education, and publishing, and planning a large solo exhibition for later in the year.

Marisa Morán Jahn will be creating an experimental project using ritual and theatrical masks, digital screens, and mirrors, and planning an exhibition about Bibliobandido, a character who eats kids’ stories.

Amy Khoshbin will be in the studio working on various projects in performance, video, collage, costume and sound.

Jen Liu will be working on stop motion and 3D animation for a new video; altering the genetic code of cow cells at Biotech Without Borders; and refilling her mind with ideas about women in technology, Asian Futurism, and the future of productivity.

Mary Mattingly will be researching the US military and mining, and water privatization in the US; building sculptures with military equipment; and documenting Swale, a floating food forest.

William Powhida will be making drawings and paintings about politics, money, technology, and art in his studio in preparation for an upcoming exhibition in Copenhagen this fall.

Dannielle Tegeder will be working on a series of new projects exploring architecture and abstraction involving painting, poetry, and installation.

Penelope Umbrico will be working on a project that stages an e-waste upcycling environment within a gallery. You’ll collect/disassemble/repurpose e-waste (mostly monitors and TVs), and brainstorm ideas for programs on technological obsolescence.

Clement Valla will be creating a set of wrapped photo-sculptures of rocks and plants using 3D imaging technology, photogrammetry, and different 3D manufacturing processes to blur the boundaries between the immaterial and material worlds.

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