Practicum Descriptions

Full descriptions for the 2019 New York Arts Practicum are available here

Kerry Downey will be in the studio, developing a series of works on paper that combine drawing, painting, rubbing, and electric sanding.

Doreen Garner will be recreating body parts in silicone in the studio; the silicone skins may take the form of impenetrable sex toys.

Heather Hart will be playing with building materials, paint, and paper in the studio, in addition to book and computer research and thinking about Blackness and architecture.

Pablo Helguera will have one foot in the studio, preparing for exhibitions and performances in the US, Mexico City, and Europe, and the other in MoMA’s Education Department.

Marisa Morán Jahn will be making a 20-foot tall interactive copper sculpture that functions like a safe lightning rod.

Amy Khoshbin will be redefining/reclaiming/f***ing up politics through artmaking and YouTube.

Steve Lambert will be rebuilding an interactive digital installation with an ultra-sonic people counter.

Mary Mattingly will be working on Swale, a floating food forest currently docked in the East River.

LaJuné McMillian will be at Eyebeam, building a motion capture library and interactive tool for Black character base models.

William Powhida will be in his Bushwick studio making a series of drawings about museum board members, corporate conglomerate entities, military and police contracts, sovereign wealth funds, and political campaign donations. 

Dannielle Tegeder will be preparing for a solo exhibition in New York in the fall while maintaining a busy painting practice in her Times Square studio. 

Penelope Umbrico will be working on a project for an upcoming exhibition that stages an e-waste up-cycling environment within a gallery.

Clement Valla will be producing an upcoming exhibition of works based on contemporary 3-D imaging systems. 


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