— 2019 Practicum Descriptions

Kerry Downey

will be in the studio, developing a series of works on paper that combine drawing, painting, rubbing, and electric sanding.

This summer, I’ll continue to develop a series of works on paper that combine drawing, painting, rubbing, and electric sanding. This body of work deals with ideas of skin as a threshold or membrane between an internal and external self, and the relationships between self and other. I will also be working on a new experimental video using an overhead projector that deals with similar subject matter.

Doreen Garner

will be recreating body parts in silicone in the studio; the silicone skins may take the form of impenetrable sex toys.

This summer is going to be a messy one. I generally work with silicone, epoxy putty stuffing, and other strange materials. The silicon I employ in my sculptures is typically used to manufacture human prosthetics, baby/dog chew toys, and sex apparatuses. By relocating the material from its normal context to my body of work, viewers become enticed to interact with my sculptures in the ways in which they are used to activating the silicone in its formal function. I consider myself an artist and surgeon combined. Whether penetrating flesh with a speculum, scalpel, finger, penis, or sword, there is a moment where any if not all three intentions can intersect, violent, sexual, or curious. During your apprenticeship, you may find yourself cutting up sheets of silicone into “fat cells,” painting silicone skin, doing body casts, grabbing supplies, and keeping me updated on celebrity gossip.

This will be a great fit if you are experienced in:

  • Mixing smooth on products or 1:1 materials
  • Sculpting clay or putty
  • Painting (realism) and or cosmetics
  • Keeping a studio clean during chaos
  • Basic construction
  • Not being squeamish

Heather Hart

will be playing with building materials, paint, and paper in the studio, in addition to book and computer research and thinking about Blackness and architecture.

Who wants the best view in Brooklyn this summer? I make public sculpture and am the co-founder of Black Lunch Table, and I’m looking for a mentee who works at the intersection of art and Black activism, as well as having experience and skill at woodworking. I’m recovering from some health stuff, so need someone who can handle lumber for me. Most of the work will be with jigsaw, circ saw, and mitre saw, along with other hand tools. But someone who is good at Rhino is also welcomed. Some admin stuff might happen, but focus will be on producing really fun sculptures! I’m looking with someone smart, dependable, with positive vibes. Studio flow is fun, music selection is jamming, and the space is inspiring.

Pablo Helguera

will have one foot in the studio, preparing for exhibitions and performances in the US, Mexico City, and Europe, and the other in MoMA’s Education Department.

This summer, I’m looking for studio assistance and support for a number of projects to take place in the fall of 2019 and beyond, which include a number of exhibitions and performances in the US, Mexico City, and Europe. You’ll help me with research and correspondence, digital imaging/scanning, and preparation for exhibitions (shipping artworks, etc.). Ideally, you’ll have some experience and skills with video editing, drawing, and/or photo. It’s also a plus if you’re interested in writing/editing and socially engaged art.

For an idea of the kinds of projects we’ll be working on, check out my website: http://pablohelguera.net/

Marisa Morán Jahn

will be making a 20-foot tall interactive copper sculpture that functions like a safe lightning rod.

This summer, I’ll be working on ZAP: A Snatchural History of Copper (working title; I know there’s a lot going on there), a book, film, and public sculpture that explores copper, an element found in motherboards, our homes, electrical wires, lightning rods, and the IUD (intrauterine device) implanted in Jahn’s own ‘snatch’ (womb).

ZAP! (for short) involves a lot of different kinds of skills, many of which I don’t know how to do—but you might!

I have NO IDEA how to make this, but expect to have fun learning how: “A 20-foot tall (inter)active copper sculpture that functions like a safe lightning rod, ZAP! commemorates the tiny one-inch, T-shaped copper intrauterine device (IUD) used by 21 million women across the world yet almost always hidden from view, literally and discursively.” I do have a copper specialist, a lightning and grounding expert, and reproductive technologists onboard to help guide the making of this monument. So you won’t get zapped.

Here are the parts I DO know how to do and that I can teach you:

  • Artmaking: uh, flubbing around until I figure out how to match the right medium to the concept;
  • Filmmaking: producing, fundraising, scriptwriting. I am okay at cinematography/editing and usually involve others to join my team to lead on this end;
  • Writing for a a book: organizing, researching, and writing

I am looking for a mentee who ideally possess some of the following skills: casting and mould-making, woodworking/carpentry, sewing, fabrication, photography, video production, video editing, audio editing, other misc. crafts! I am best paired with those who embrace unexpected surprises and understand that the shifting nature of collaborative work means that sometimes, what we’re making will shift mid-way.

Amy Khoshbin

will be redefining/reclaiming/f***ing up politics through artmaking and YouTube.

This summer, we’re going to change the world together while having a damn good time in my studio on Governors Island, provided through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Residency. I’m an Iranian-American artist, rapper, and politician, and I’m creating a video art series about how to run for office for YouTube, producing a rap album, further developing You Never Know (a political campaign speech/rap performance that showed at the Whitney Museum) to take on tour, and creating a series of drawings/collages/paintings/soft sculptures for an upcoming solo exhibition at Project for Empty Space about personal and cultural transformation.

I’m expanding the boundaries of artmaking beyond the gallery/institution. We as artists have much more power than we think to universally shift culture in a positive direction. I’ve taken that idea into the political realm and am running for City Council in Brooklyn to demystify the complex structures of government and expose ways we can change the system from the inside out while enjoying ourselves. Our main project will be creating a how-to-run-for-office video art/YouTube series for anyone to use to run in their area, and we will be dropping videos weekly (some of which I’ll be rapping in with crazy animation—entertainment is key!).

If you ever wanted to learn to be a YouTube star, join me. I am seeking mentees and collaborators that know how to shoot video on DSLR cameras, and edit on Adobe Premiere Pro. Ideally, you would also have some experience or are willing to learn to:

  • Animate video
  • Edit sound files
  • Create graphics for use in videos/online/promotion (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Organize and collect info in Google Docs (sheets and docs)
  • Photograph (mainly for documentation)
  • Research
  • Give honest feedback
  • Have adventures

Steve Lambert

will be rebuilding an interactive digital installation with an ultra-sonic people counter.

I’m looking for someone to help complete a project involving electronics, Arduino, and fabrication. The project is a sonar-triggered people counter with a large LED display. It was prototyped and used at the 2018 AIDS conference to create opposing doorways for people to “vote” by walking through one side of the doorway or another. When they passed through, the sensor read their presence and changed the number display. Now that we’ve used it in the field, it needs to be re-built more robustly to be put to use in other campaigns. I’m looking for someone who has a good understanding of electronics and Arduino programming, and is highly motivated to learn on their own and build some real-world experience. Experience fabricating— in woodworking, laser-cutting, etc.—is also helpful. While you’ll learn a lot, this is not for beginners.

Mary Mattingly

will be working on Swale, a floating food forest currently parked in the East River.

I’m seeking a mentee who would like to focus on the Swale project with me this summer. Swale began as an edible landscape on a barge that launched in 2016. Docked at public piers but following waterways common laws, Swale circumnavigates New York’s public land laws, allowing anyone to pick free fresh food. The project instigated and co-created the “foodway” in Concrete Plant Park, the Bronx in 2017. The “foodway” is the first time New York City Parks is allowing people to publicly forage in over 100 years. It’s currently considered a pilot project. This summer, Swale will start another “foodway” on Governors Island and launch an exhibition program on the island. The barge will dock at the Brooklyn Army Terminal so we will also be working to extend our programming in Brooklyn. In exchange for working with me this summer, I will work with you on developing your work, share my working process, experiences with different forms of collaboration, roadmaps for permits and creating large-scale projects, and introduce you to many of the other artists and collaborators I work with.

LaJuné McMillian 

will be at Eyebeam, building a motion capture library and interactive tool for Black character base models.

This summer, I’ll be working on The Black Movement Project, an online database of motion-capture data from black performers and black character base models, who are currently underrepresented in available online databases.

This library will be used for various extended (virtual, augmented, mixed) reality projects, performances, games, and research purposes. BMP incorporates a narrative component to be seen as both a live performance and Web VR docuseries, showing how black movement has been used as a tool for the preservation of Black culture as well as a vehicle self-evolution. During this experience, audience members will learn about the lives and movement practices of Black performers via their Motion capture data. They will also have an opportunity to explore virtual worlds built from their movement.

Although the work is going to be technically sophisticated, you don’t need to come into the apprenticeship with a particular set of skills. I can teach you how to work with the software and tools. I’m looking for a mentee who is enthusiastic and a quick learner, and who is excited about the project.

William Powhida

is spending the summer in his Bushwick studio making a series of drawings about museum board members, corporate conglomerate entities, military and police contracts, sovereign wealth funds, and political campaign donations.

This summer, I’ll be working on a new series of research-based drawings in my Bushwick studio for a fall exhibition. The drawings are based on research into structures and systems of governance both real (the Whitney Museum) and fictional (Omnicorp in Robocop). I’m looking for a mentee willing to assist with primary research into museum board members, corporate conglomerate entities, military and police contracts, sovereign wealth funds, political campaign donations, policy think-tanks, and philanthropic organizations, using existing databases like Littlesis.org, Opensecrets.org, the Panama Papers database, the SEC’s website Edgar, and stock databases. Ideally, you should be comfortable with basic Excel/Google Sheets usage; Photoshop/Illustrator skills would be welcome for mocking up diagrams and flow charts. Along with the research aspect of the mentorship, there may be light studio work involved including stretching paper and preparing drawing supports.

Dannielle Tegeder

will be preparing for a solo exhibition in New York in the fall while maintaining a busy painting practice in her Times Square studio. 

I’m looking for someone to help me with my upcoming solo show taking place in fall 2019 in New York, as well as managing the everyday tasks that are needed to run my studio. I’d like to work with someone who is detail-oriented, flexible, and who can keep track of several tasks while remaining organized. You also need to be able to assist with the practical aspects of studio management—emailing, packing work, writing grants, painting and drafting artwork, managing deadlines, and using Photoshop and InDesign. Interests in abstract painting, Constructivism, intersecting media, installation, and architecture are a plus!

My studio is located at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in Times Square. It’s one of the biggest studio residencies, so you’ll have many opportunities to meet and connect with other artists in the building. I’m hoping to offer you insight into how to sustain a long-term studio practice in NYC, as well as advice regarding pursuing a career in the arts.

Penelope Umbrico

will be working on a project for an upcoming exhibition that stages an e-waste up-cycling environment within a gallery.

This summer, we’ll be making work for upcoming exhibitions, utilizing e-waste and disassembling LCD screens as material for making new work, and building structures for presentation of sculptural objects made from this material. We will also be generating ideas for community programs that address e-waste, and creating a platform for implementing and sharing these programs. I am looking for someone who is interested in helping with, and/or collaborating on, these projects, has knowledge of social networks, image/video/sound-editing apps, and if you have knowledge of hardware such as Arduino (or similar), software such as Unity (or similar), or web-based apps. I can offer creative collaboration on new projects, regular critiques and feedback on your own work, casual conversations around ideas relevant to your work, my practice, and answers to questions you may have about the art world. You will get an inside view of a working artist’s studio with a lot of projects going on.

Clement Valla

will be producing an upcoming exhibition of works based on contemporary 3-D imaging systems.

This summer, I’m seeking a mentee who will consider what it means to see and think in a post-perspective era with me.We will use 3-D scanning, 3-D manufacturing, and digital textile printing to create things that hover between pictures and sculptures. These technological apparatuses will be aimed at the natural world, and in particular rocks.

Here’s what we’ll be doing on a practical level, so some experience in any of these would be great:

  • Photography
  • sewing and garment making
  • fabrication (including metal cutting, drilling and soldering)
  • photogrammetry
  • 3D modeling and 3D manufacturing processes