2016 Schedule

Week 1

Monday, June 6th

Site Visit: Angela Dufresne

Site Visit: Ernest Larsen & Sherry Millner

Picnic in Prospect Park

Tuesday, June 7th

Pecha Kucha

Friday, June 10th

Site Visit: Mariam Ghani at Queens Museum

Visit Duke Riley’s Creative Time project Fly By Night

Sunday, June 12th

Program with Triple Canopy

Week 2

Monday, June 13th

Seminar: Mary Mattingly

Tuesday, June 14th

Discussion with Daniel S. Palmer

Friday, June 17th

Site Visit: Heather Hart

Site Visit: Greg Sholette

Week 3

Monday, June 20th

Critique: Pablo Helguera

Tuesday, June 21st

Critique: Lindsay Howard

Friday, June 24th

Site Visit: Victoria Rogers at Kickstarter

Site Visit: Kerry Downey

Week 4

Monday, June 27th

Discussion with Colab and Stephen Zacks

Tuesday, June 28th

Seminar: Paul Soulellis

Friday, July 1st

Site Visit: Nontsikelelo Mutiti

Visit Chelsea galleries

Week 5

Tuesday, July 5th

Critique: Penelope Umbrico

Wednesday, July 6th

Critique: Jennifer & Kevin McCoy

Friday, July 8th

Walk with Ingrid Burrington

Site Visit: Kenya (Robinson) & Doreen Garner

Week 6

Monday, July 11th

Seminar: Taeyoon Choi

Tuesday, July 12th

Seminar: Marina Zurkow

Friday, July 15th

Site Visit: Julie Perini

Site Visit: Kristin Lucas & Joe McKay

Week 7

Tuesday, July 19th

Individual Critique: Marisa Morán Jahn

Tuesday, July 19th

Individual Critique: Dannielle Tegeder

Wednesday, July 20th

Individual Critique: Brad Troemel

Friday, July 22nd

Site Visit: Center for Urban Pedagogy

Site Visit: The Laundromat Project

Week 8

Monday, July 25th

Individual Critique: Clement Valla

Tuesday, July 26th

Individual Critique: Brendan Fernandes

Wednesday, July 27th

Individual Critique: William Powhida

Friday, July 29th

Final Critique

End of program celebration